What not to DIY at your wedding

what not to DIY setting up

What not to DIY at your wedding

Have you ever Googled “Pinterest Fails” or “Pinterest Nailed It”? Don’t do it unless you have a lot of time on your hands because you’ll be swept away into a world where the average Jane & Joe have “tried” to create something (seemingly simple) from Pinterest… And it ended up as an utter failure. This might not be the worst thing in the world if you create a Porcupine Cake to eat at home (look it up, it’s a thing) but if you’re trying to DIY a 3-tier Wedding Cake you might want to leave it to the experts.

Sometimes we think that doing it ourselves will be easier or save us money, but in the long run, DIY can often cost us more.

(not to mention the anxiety & stress)

We know that you might not be able to do *all* the things you want to do for your wedding; so here are a few places where hiring a pro is worth it instead of DIY:

1) The Wedding Planner: A Wedding Planner can actually save you a ton of time & money by keeping you on track, executing your vision, and managing your budget (which can include finding discounts you won’t get on your own). 

2) The Flowers: DIYing your wedding flowers can end up as a BIGGER expense and embarrassment; especially if you’re unable to source the colors/flowers you want, or worse..the centerpieces or bridal bouquets die or wilt before your guests arrive. 

3) The Photography/Videography: In a few months your wedding day memories will fade and you’ll want to share your moment with children and friends who weren’t there. Don’t let an amateur take the only photos you’ll have of your special day. There is no do-over!

4) The Cake: If baking and icing aren’t hard enough (and they are) there’s also the refrigeration and transportation of your cake. Even the pros struggle with this (we’ve seen the reality tv shows) so don’t try this balancing act on your own! 

5) The Hair & Makeup: Ever had a bad hair day? Has your skin broken out for no apparent reason? Chances are, that will happen on your wedding day. So, trust an expert to ensure that you’re looking your best! 

6) The Set Up & Tear Down: This is another aspect of your wedding that you definitely don’t want to DIY. This is your SPECIAL DAY – you’ll be far (FAR) too busy getting yourselves ready & then wanting to party or set off on your honeymoon to be doing exhausting setups and tear-downs.

7) The Invitations: This is typically the first thing couples try to DIY and they quickly find out that it’s not as simple and easy as they thought. A lot goes into invitations; the design details, choosing the correct typography, wording etiquette, addressing envelopes, knowing what pieces to have and skip, and assembling liners, wax seals, and ribbons.  Invitations are the first glimpse into your wedding; leave these to the professionals to accurately reflect your vision on paper and save you time and stress. 

Now that you know why you really *shouldn’t* DIY your wedding invitations. Ready to find out how having a Wedding pro by your side can save you time & money? Start by booking a call below!

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