Tips for attending a wedding expo or bridal show

Tips for attending a wedding expo or bridal show

Bridal & Wedding expos are a fun way to help plan your wedding. You have 100s of professional vendors and services all in one building. This makes it easy for you to compare each of their wedding services, meet vendors face-to-face, and be filled with ideas & inspiration!


But Wedding Expos can also be:

  • Overwhelming
  • Painful
  • A waste of time…
  • …and leave you with a terrible case of comparisonitis over all the things you “can’t” afford. 

wedding expo bridal show tips

With a few intentional tweaks & mindset changes, you can make the *most* of your Wedding Expo Experience. As a past bride and a wedding vendor; let me give you my best tips for attending a wedding expo to help you not feel overwhelmed and stressed. This should be a productive and fun experience! 


Have a wedding-only email address

Before you go, create a wedding-only email address where *ONLY* wedding-related info is sent (this cuts down on a lot of the “digital overload” coming your way.. I created a free email with yahoo (if Gmail is more your thing, you can get a free one there too!) My husband and I both had access to the email on our phones so that we could both see emails from wedding vendors and help keep things organized. We also still use this email even though we created it in 2016! Now we are married and use it for bills and shared info so we can easily access emails.


Dress for comfort

You’re going to be on your feet for a long time so dress appropriately: comfortable shoes, layers (that can come on and off), and a stylish backpack or bag that will make it easier to carry your freebies & swag while keeping your hands free! Some wedding expos and smaller bridal shows also give you some free bags when entering!


Use your phone to take notes

From note-taking apps (or text yourself a message) your phone can help keep you from being overwhelmed and help you to stay organized. Snap pictures of business cards, create categories for each service, and take photos of exhibits that stand out (but always ask first). 


Follow up with vendors

If you’re interested in a vendor be sure to personally reach out after the expo. Even if you’re not *quite* ready to book yet, have a 1:1 consultation so that they can discuss specifics for *your* wedding and give you a personalized proposal.  Some vendors only take on 1 or a few weddings per date, so if you fall in love make sure you reach out before they book up! 


Create address labels

I highly recommend having printed address labels or little stickers with your name, wedding email, wedding date, town/state, venue (if you have one), email, and phone number. Some vendors might have sign up lists or giveaways. Having these stickers handy will save you time and some hand cramps!

And last, of all, be sure to HAVE FUN!


I would love to make your special day as DREAMY as you envisioned. If you’re searching for the perfect wedding invitations don’t wait for the next Wedding Expo! 


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